Terms and Conditions Service

The internet service is designed to be used for general internet access and fun. It is not designed for work use as there are no sla’s around the BT Broadband internet connection which can be interrupted and may not be fixed for a number of days by BT. This will be out of our control. The speed of the service can vary when more users access the service. The service is a shared internet circuit which is balanced between all users.

Devices supported


The service has been tested with laptops and popular phone and tablet devices. Other devices eg TV’s, Firestick’s may or may not work. If the user wants to use other devices that have not been tested it is solely up to that individual to get the device working.

Unsupported devices


We do not support card sharing or other illegal services. These devices provide illegal content and we cannot provide any support or assistance for them.

Additional device support


We provide additional device support for configuration at £20 per hour if required.



All requests for installations must be paid using: www.milneholidayparks.co.uk Wi-­‐Fi electronic link before any work can commence.  Any missing or incorrect details supplied will lead to a delay in the service being installed. You may be emailed to provide further details or clarification. Please ensure care is taken when entering all details.

It is the responsibility of the caravan owner to ensure that access to the caravan is made available so the engineers can carry out their work any delay in obtaining keys or gaining access will result in the engineer moving onto to the next installation on the work log.

When all details are correct and present then your installation will be added to a work log and these are completed in date of order. If the engineer has any questions or queries regards the installation of the equipment you need to make a contact number available.

No work can be completed during adverse weather conditions. If this occurs work will resume the installation at the earliest possible occasion and we will endeavour to keep you informed.  No work will started before March and will end at the end of October during the parks operational season. We endeavour to

have all installations completed within a 6-­‐8 weeks.  If for any reason an installation cannot take place this will be highlighted to the caravan owner.

Early Cancelation


You may cancel you installation requested within 48 hours of the request being made via email to sales@powerlinenetworks.co.uk. Passes can only be cancelled if there has been no usage on the pass. If you choose to cancel your installation request or season pass all electronic fees will be deducted from the refund value.

If any misuse of a season pass is discover this will result in immediate withdrawal of the service with no possibility of reconnection. It remains the responsibility of the caravan owner to ensure that the service they have been provided is used correctly.

Outside of the 48 hour period if we decide that a pass can be refunded then there will be a £45 admin fee as well as a an average charge per month based on the length of term of the pass. In high usage cases there might also be a charge of £3 per gig for any used data.

Payments Disputes


If a payment dispute is opened up with Paypal or a Credit Card company the service will be terminated and additional admin charges can be applied as part of the early cancelation process.

Equipment Move


We provide support for moving equipment at a cost of £20 per hour



If a fault of any sort is discovered please contact us:

Text only support number 07936469668


9am -­‐ 8pm Monday to Saturday 11am -­‐ 4pm Sunday

A 3 hour SLA online response time with any faults requiring an onsite visit, an engineer will be sent out within the next 2 business days.

You will be contacted and first steps guidance provided.

The configuration of all devices including phones, iPad, tablets, laptops, computers, hand held gaming devices, Televisions, dvd players, sky boxes, Xboxes, playstations etc. (these are examples only and not an exhaustive list) remains your own responsibility.

If the fault requires an engineer to call to the caravan and it turns out to be the fault of the user this is a chargeable service with a call out fee of £20

All problems/faults will be discussed with the caravan owner and fixes applied. Any system or network faults which the engineer deems non malicious will not be chargeable.

Fault testing


The engineer will test the internet connection using a laptop and phone. If these tests are successful then we will determine the service is working fine.

Events out of our control


In the event where services are terminated / withdrawn / unavailable due to reasons out of our control Powerline will not be liable for any recompense pence. In these cases the early pass cancelation policy may come into effect.